About Precision Process Design

Precision Process Design & Mechanical is in the water purification business! The company is based on the work and extensive experiences that it has in the water purification industry. Precision Process Design & Mechanical has developed a series of modular water purification, seawater desalination, and water security products and concepts. The designs are is based on proven technologies that are modified and fitted to form the unique concepts and products that Precision Process Design is offering.

The headquarters for Precision Process Design & Mechanical is located in Abilene, Texas. PPD-M, also runs it's technical development and production from the same facility, with world wide distribution network.

The company has an experienced management team with a tried and tested business model for international growth and profitability developed and tested over the last 15 years. Our way of doing business with Reverse Osmosis Desalination has the potential to change the rules of the game, bridging the gap between growing demand and shrinking supply.


We Offer Our Services to:

Infrastructure - Services to society
Providing cost effective solutions for production and treatment of water for construction & development companies that work with infrastructure development.

Industry - Services to business partners
Developing cost effective solutions together with the customers related to commercial use of water. Business areas are Agriculture, Industry, and Marine.

Consumers - Services to intelligent private consumers
Products for consumers who demand intelligent solutions to their daily need of clean fresh water. Business areas are Domestic and Marine.


We Deliver:

Desalination and water purification technologies from small scale domestic solutions to large scale desalination plants delivering 100,000 m3 per day or more of potable water.

Water purification solutions to industrial partners who need clean water for production needs or making water environmentally safe after its industrial use.

High quality, low cost potable water to communities as well as end users.


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